About Us

staff.jpg The story of Aluvent started in 1987 when a company, then called Alberg Aluminium, was started by Mr. G. Berg. In March 2001 the company was bought by Gideon Van Eeden and Shaun Kennard and renamed Aluvent (Pty) Ltd.


The name Aluvent is an abbreviation of two words namely aluminum and ventilation. A very descriptive name for our company since we specialize in aluminium ventilation building products.

In September 2005 the company was purchased by its current owners Tania Kennard and Paul Kruger. Collectively they have worked more than seven years for Aluvent.

The well known “Unisert” adjustable glass louvre have been one of the flagship products even before the start of Alberg. In fact it was marketed by ODC, a subsidiary of Cape Steel. After all these years sales dramatically increase for “Unisert” as soon as the climate become hot and a need for ventilation arises. This product has also been successfully used within Africa where it has been chosen above cheaper products from the Far East.

Aluvent also manufactures the push-pull door handles that have been successfully specified for most of the large shopping centers and commercial buildings throughout Southern Africa. You will also find these handles in up market housing. Apart from the huge range of standard handles we also manufacture custom made handles to client specification. What customer after having spent a lot of money on a entrance door, doesn’t want to finish of the product with his own custom designed handle?

The company also produces purpose made fixed aluminum grilles for air-conditioning and similar ventilation requirements. The Royal Ascot Development in Milnerton, Pearl Valley Golf Estate and Bloemfontein Casino are but a few projects where aluminium grilles have successfully been installed, not to mention the many grilles supplied to sub-contractors and installed by them. Because this is part of our core business we are set-up to punch the thousands of holes and save the customer from doing it.

Further to these products Aluvent are also manufacturers of good quality shutters eg those being used at the exclusive Jakkalsfontein on the West Coast. These shutters are available in various formats: mock, hinged, sliding or in up market gates. These panels are mostly sold as a mock shutter and then installed by aluminium installation companies. To give the client even more choice there are five different blades to choose from.

All products are available in most of the standard aluminium finishes where possible. Aluvent are also proud of their relative short lead time that they can pass on to the customer. We are still committed to providing Excellent Service, Quality Products, at the Best Prices.