Adjustable security shutters offer security and functionality in one package. Adjust the louvres to allow more or less light, or open the panels sliding panels completely as you require. They’re there when you need them and glide away, stacking neatly when you don’t — leaving your views completely unobstructed.

Generally used for sliding/stacking glass doors, the versatility of the product allows you to secure your doors, or windows from the inside of the building whilst you can still enjoy a clear view or ensure privacy with the fully adjustable slats.

Sliding Panels generally make use of multiple track systems to allow the panels to slide past each other. You can also use a single track system and have the panels slide either side of the opening.

Basic Specifications
All our indoor security shutter systems come with a 10 year guarantee. Our standard colour is Matt white however we offer a full range of colour options to suite your colour pallet and project specifications.

All our products are professionally powder-coated to give the best finish and help your shutters last for many, many years to come.