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Welcome To Aluvent (Pty) Ltd, where our focus is on Architectural Solutions for Residential and Commercial properties, with primarily glass, aluminium and steel product ranges. We specialise in Customised Glass and Aluminium Products and bespoke Steel Solutions, although also providing standardised Glass and Aluminium products. Our product basket should provide you with a range of solutions to improve your property, including Windows, Doors, Shutters, Louvres, Sunscreens, Pergolas, bespoke Steel Solutions among others.

Working with some of South Africa’s top Architectural firms, we use the finest materials, taking into account functionality and design, quality and performance, thus making Aluvent an Engineers’ and Architects’ ideal preferred supplier. We are based in Cape Town but provide Products and Services throughout Southern Africa. Our Client base stretches from Cape Town to Zambia. We invite you to Experience the Exceptional – Contact our Knowledgeable and Dedicated Team and allow them to assist you with making your property improvements become a reality. If you can dream it, we can do it!

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A story that starts from humble beginnings, Aluvent was formed in 1987 by Mr G. Berg and was initially named Alberg Aluminium. Alberg Aluminium established itself as a well-known local aluminium wholesaler, providing hardware for the glass and aluminium trade throughout the 90s.

After a successful decade of trading, Alberg Aluminium was purchased by Mr G. Van Eeden and Mr S. Kennard in the year 2000 and was renamed to the term we know and trust today, Aluvent (Pty) Ltd. Aluvent, deriving from two words: aluminium and ventilation, was an apt name for the company as the immediate focus was specializing in aluminium ventilation solutions. Initial products included pull handles, fixed louvres and adjustable glass louvres.

Fast forward five years, in the Spring of 2005, Aluvent was bought over by two new owners, named Mrs T. Kennard and Mr P. Kruger, who subsequently developed the shutter range, adding a significant new service offering to an already well-established business. The product range now included aluminium fixed and adjustable shutters, glass louvres, fixed blade louvres, pergolas, and sunscreens.

In 2012, the Vestack Group took ownership of Aluvent and amalgamated its effort allowing for a wider product offering to the market and naturally expanding the footprint of both Aluvent and the Vestack Group of Companies.

As Aluvent has its own Manufacturing Department, the Team is involved with the design and planning of shutters and bespoke steel pieces from conceptualization through to execution and can therefore problem solve and advise from the beginning of a project, ensuring seamless manufacturing and installation, as well as minimize any complications that can occur. Client satisfaction is a key value at Aluvent.

When the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm in 2020, Aluvent had to, like many other companies at the time, pivot to remain constant and made the decision to restructure. A new partner named Mr K. Shlorff took up his share in Aluvent. Mr K. Shlorff’s knowledge and expertise added another meaningful facet to the business and Aluvent further expanded its offerings to include customized windows, doors and additional bespoke steel creations to its already broad range of solutions.

As we turn the page on the pandemic, the year 2022 has allowed Aluvent to add additional units to its business structure and create a strong and enthusiastic team ready to elevate Aluvent, working hand in hand with some of the best architectural and building companies in the industry.

As innovation is core to our business ethic, and we have built a reputation for making architectural dreams come true, we invite architects, property owners and interior designers to Experience the Exceptional with us — Our Company Vision statement and the Motto we live by.

Our Team Managers & Supervisors

• CEO and Business Unit Head (Custom Designs and Products)

• Overall responsible for our business while daily focusing on Sales and Operational Oversight

• Focusing on Custom solutions and providing products to the African continent and market

• 15 Year Industry Experience

• Karl thrives on creating solutions from the most challenging project

• 15 years of Industry experience

• In charge of Sales, Marketing, and Client Services

• Specialist in Shutters, Louvres, Pergola Structures, and Awnings

• Avid beardless weekend fisherman

• 16 years of Industry Experience

• Manage the Window and Door product lines

• Specialist in Windows and Doors

• Involved in all aspects of our business

• Constantly working all hours of the day!

• Systems and Support

• Administrative and Financial Oversight

• 22 Years Business and Industry Experience

• Started Aluvent many year ago with Gideon van Eeden

• Leads Commercial Projects and cultivates Company Relations with expertise.

• Boasts exposure to all facets of the business, bringing a comprehensive understanding to the role.

• Specializes in Curtainwalls, Windows & Doors, and Façade Cladding.

• Embraces challenges with an unwavering belief that no task is too difficult to complete.

•Manufacturing oversight (custom)

• Welding oversight

• Springbok underwater Rugby player!

•Sales oversight


• Internal Sales

• Administrative conformance

• Her chocolate cake is to die for!

25 years in the Glass and Aluminium industry

Overall factory control

Specialise in the windows and door product lines

Spiritual leader (Pastor) for many people

10 years of industry experience


Installation planning and coordination

Resource management

Client communication

Administrative compliance

Our best Soup Chef!

• International Contracts

• Played rugby in America, so knows how to motivate his team to the highest standards!

• 20 years of industry experience

• Installation oversight

• Always chasing his children around.

• 11 years experience

• Ensuring that we walk the financial tightrope!

• Contract Management and Compliance

• Purchasing, Cashflow, Debtor, and Administrative oversight

• Now a homeowner… So she has just become our main painter as well!

• 16 years of Management and Administrative experience

• Keeping everyone on their toes (in style!)

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