We design and install pergolas consisting of aluminium, steel, wood or a combination of materials.

• A pergola extends your living space and extends the amount of tome you can spend outside during the summer months. Designed and orientated correctly, a pergola can case enough shade to make even the hottest afternoon enjoyable.
• Where shaded outdoor areas are required
• Where aesthetics will make a difference to building
• When required by estate regulations

Setting Us Apart
• We pride ourselves in hidden fixings, as far as possible, yet still secure the structure properly
• Aluvent was the first company to install aluminium pergolas in Val De Vie and its has since become the standard.
• We can and have combined steel, aluminium and wood in the same structure
• Inhouse experience and knowledge available for advice

Basic Specifications
• Our pergola structures can be made using aluminium, wood and steel. We custom make our pergolas to fit your individual requirements.
• One can also do a combination of the three for even more aesthetic appeal.
• Any standard profile can be used
• Any standard powder coating colours available