One of the many advantages of the Aluvent Fixed Blade Shutter is that it acts as protection from weather extremes, especially the harsh South African climate that we are experiencing. Wind, rain as well as heat from the sun, are averted before it reaches your windows and doors. It also protects furniture and draperies from the damaging rays of the sun.

Not only does it protect you from the weather conditions, but also acts as a strong barrier against intruders. It is low maintenance, and it is a real design feature in your home or office increasing value, whilst being low maintenance.

• Our shutters can be installed externally as well as internally
• Where aesthetics will make a difference
• Act as sunscreen to protect the inside contents of building

Setting Us Apart
• We are geared for custom designs to meet client needs
• A large range of different profiles, tracks and locking mechanisms
• We have successfully manufactured and installed “outside-the-norm-size” shutters
• Combination of wood, aluminium and other materials available
• Our designs makes maintenance easy.

Basic Specifications
• Options available: running on wheels, hanging from wheels, hinged, folding, stacking or just stationary for aesthetics.
• Heights and width can be negotiated outside the industry norm
• Any standard powder coating colour available