Pergola Awnings are a wonderful way to provide effective and simple shade control over any outdoor wooden, steel or aluminium pergola structure. Should you already have an existing pergola structure we can manufacture an awning to fit or install a custom structure and awning to suit your home.

Pergola awnings run on a set of tracks fastened underneath the beams of a structure. When in use they pull forward and tension to prevent wind noise. When stowed in the back position, they retract under a top cover for weather protection and can be locked in place.

Setting Us Apart
Some pergola awnings on the market make use of friction slide runners. These runners can easily jam and become difficult to operate over time. With our track and runner system, which makes use of 4 individual wheels per runner, your awning will run smoothly and not jam.

Basic Specifications
We can manufacture these pergola awnings from 1 m to 6 m wide and 1 m to 6 m projection. Custom sizes for commercial applications are available on request.