Welcome to Aluvent’s color extravaganza! In this blog post, we’re diving into the vibrant world of powder coating colors, featuring both our standard classics and non-standard recommendations that our experts swear by. Whether you’re envisioning a sleek matte finish or a glossy statement piece, Aluvent has you covered.

8 Standard Powder Coated Colours

Let’s start with the classics – our tried and true standard powder coated colors that have stood the test of time. Each hue is carefully curated to elevate your space with a touch of sophistication. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Matt Bronze – COLOUR CODE: ANP9085
  2. NM Bronze – COLOUR CODE: ANP3056
  3. Matt Charcoal – COLOUR CODE: VP7199
  4. Matt Charcoal (Yes, we love it that much!) – COLOUR CODE: ANP3055
  5. Matt Black – COLOUR CODE: VP8103
  6. Duct White Gloss – COLOUR CODE: ANP1052
  7. Matt White – COLOUR CODE: ANP39010
  8. Matt New Silver – COLOUR CODE: ANP9089

These classics are the backbone of countless Aluvent projects, providing the perfect canvas for your architectural dreams.

8 Non-standard Colours: Aluvent’s Bold Recommendations

For those seeking a unique touch, we present our non-standard powder coated colors – recommendations straight from Aluvent’s color connoisseurs. These hues add a distinctive flair to your projects:

  1. Black Bronze – COLOUR CODE: ANP9052
  2. Grey Aluminium – COLOUR CODE: ANP39007
  3. Matt Stone Grey – COLOUR CODE: ANP37030
  4. Matt Traffic White – COLOUR CODE: ANP39016
  5. Matt Black Grey – COLOUR CODE: VP71104
  6. Matt Silk Grey – COLOUR CODE: RAL7044 / ITC37044
  7. Matt Anthracite Grey – COLOUR CODE: ITC37016
  8. Matt White Aluminium – COLOUR CODE: ANP39006

These recommendations add a touch of individuality to your projects, ensuring they stand out in any setting.


Curious about how these colors might look in your space? We’ve got you covered! DOWNLOAD our free color guide, complete with samples and color codes. It’s the perfect tool to help you visualize and plan your next project.

Download Aluvent’s Powder Coating Color Guide

Disclaimer: This guide was prepared to give you, our clients, a general indication of what our colors look like. One cannot, however, match a color off a computer screen, so please contact us to obtain a color swatch. Use that swatch to (as closely as possible) match the color you wish to get.

Ready to embark on your color journey with Aluvent? Explore our palette, download our guide, and let your creativity shine. For any questions or to request a color swatch, contact your nearest Aluvent branch. We’re here to turn your visions into vivid realities!