Fixed Awnings are a great way to keep sun and rain off of windows and doors. Manufactured with an aluminium frame, powder-coated to a colour of your choice and covered with a customised stretched canvas. They are waterproof and sun protected. These awnings also create a great advertising opportunity. If you are looking for functional shade and rain protection that can be branded then a fixed awning is perfect for you.

Pergola awnings run on a set of tracks fastened underneath the beams of a structure. When in use they pull forward and tension to prevent wind noise. When stowed in the back position, they retract under a top cover for weather protection and can be locked in place.

Setting Us Apart
Make use of our in house design professionals to come up with a design that will best work for your company.

Basic Specifications
Fixed Arm Awnings are available in multiple shapes:
• Fixed Pramhood Awning (fold-away)
• Fixed Round Awning
• Fixed Wedge Awning
• Fixed Bullnose Wedge Awning
• Fixed Box Wedge Awning

We can manufacture these awnings from 1 m to 4 m wide and 0,5 m to 1 m projection. Custom sizes up to 2,5 m projection for commercial applications are available on request.