When it comes to architectural projects, precision and standardization are paramount. To assist both clients and architects in seamlessly incorporating aluminium architectural products, Aluvent presents a comprehensive guide to standard aluminium sizes. This blog post aims to not only provide valuable information but also enhance your understanding of the available options.

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Exploring Standard Aluminium Sizes for Architectural Excellence


Equal leg angles are versatile and widely used in various architectural applications. Our sizing guide breaks down the dimensions, ensuring you select the perfect equal leg angle for your project’s structural integrity.

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For projects requiring asymmetry, unequal leg angles offer a tailored solution. This guide elucidates the varying dimensions available, empowering architects to make informed decisions for optimal functionality and aesthetics.

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Flat bars find applications in diverse architectural designs. Our sizing guide provides insights into the width, thickness, and length options, aiding architects in selecting the ideal flat bar for their projects.

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Round tubes add curvature and elegance to architectural designs. Explore our sizing guide for an in-depth breakdown of diameters and wall thicknesses, ensuring your projects stand out with precision.

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When rectangular shapes are a design requirement, our sizing guide for rectangular tubes becomes an invaluable resource. Discover the range of dimensions available for your architectural aspirations.

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Channels contribute to structural stability and aesthetics in architectural designs. Dive into our sizing guide to uncover the breadth and depth options, guiding you in making the right channel selection.

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Square tubes offer clean lines and a modern aesthetic. Refer to our sizing guide for insights into the various dimensions available, empowering architects to incorporate square tubes seamlessly.

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Standard Aluminium Sizes, Aluvent

Standard Aluminium Sizes, Aluvent

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